E-Motion Rollers use our patented FREE MOTION technology, innovative design, and precision manufacturing to provide a more natural and satisfying ride than any other bicycle rollers or trainer.  You get to ride your bicycle like you are on the road. 

The same technology that makes E-Motion Rollers great to ride also makes them easier and more forgiving to ride.  It takes just few minutes for first time bicycle roller riders to acclimate; no special roller riding skills or riding styles needed.

Check out the Inside Ride Video Channel to see them in action and then visit both the Features & Specs and Question & Answers sections to learn more about our product.

We think our rollers are revolutionary.  You will think they are a pleasure to ride.

INSIDE RIDE. We bring cycling indoors.

The E-Motion Rollers

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the E-Motion Rollers are available for purchase by customers in the USA through our Online Store.  Canadian customers and USA customers not wishing to use the online store may purchase them by contacting Inside Ride at info@insideride.com or +1.503.647.5883 (Pacific Daylight Time).  All other customers should contact our partner ELITE at www.elite-it.com for their international edition of the E-Motion Rollers.


Wireless resistance control for E-motion rollers!

Now you can adjust rolling resistance on the go with fingertip control. Can be ordered as a factory option or as an upgrade kit for your previously purchased model F and H rollers.  Click Here to Learn More