• Patented "Free Motion" technology (US Patent No. 7,604,575)
  • Tool free, fast, and precise wheelbase adjustment
  • Non contact (magnetic) roller resistance control with multiple settings
  • Precision machined aluminum drums
  • Rear wheel "bump rollers"
  • Front wheel "bump rollers"
  • User replaceable belts
  • Closed aluminum tubing frame encloses the undercarriage and protects the track system
  • Single center-brace allows the lower frame to be separated intact from the upper frame, without the use of tools or any additional component removal, thus greatly simplifying belt replacement.

A: Wheelbase Gauge
B: Drum Lock
C: Front "Bump" Wheels
D: Front Drum
E: Wheelbase Adjustment Cam
F: Center Brace
G: Roller Resistance Adjustment Lever
H: Flywheel
I: Upper Frame
J: Lower Frame/Undercarriage
K: Drum and Flywheel Belts
L: Rear Wheel "Bump" Rollers
M: Rear Wheel Drums


  Wheelbase Adjustment Cam Closeup  Resistance Adjustment Lever Closeup

Model H Specifications

The current edition, also known as Model "H", incorporates several design changes from the previous Model "F" rollers that simplify both setup and maintenance while preserving the ride performance E-Motion Rollers are known for.  Notable changes include a narrower and shorter lower frame (providing a more compact footprint), closed aluminum frames (to protect the track system within the lower frame), a single center brace lower frame to simplify belt replacement, and ool free, fast, and precise rack and pinion adjustment of the front drum position.

  • Wheelbase range: 36.5" (93cm) to 42.5" (108cm)
  • Drum Diameter: 3.25" (8.25cm)
  • Storage Size** (Approximate): 58" (148cm) x 20" (51cm) x 7.5" (19cm)
  • Carton Size (Approximate): 62" (158cm) x 22" (56cm) x 8" (21cm)
  • Weight (Approximate): 30 lbs (13.6 Kg)

* Features and Specifications are subject to change.
** For Storage. Space required to safely operate is larger.